Meaningful Conversations

Hosting personalized meaningful conversations and live events is my passion. Be it live or as an experience at the comfort of your participants´ home.

The art of exploring human get-togethers, creating true understanding

That is what culture development is about – only those who listen, have their own point of view, assess needs of all stakeholders and develop something new, live high performance and create a world that is worth living in.

We claim that human connection is possible online, too. Our customers confirm this.

Just to reveal one of our secrets: both senses and cognitive thinking are stimulated when we meet.

“Meaningful conversations bring people together. Along with activating senses it creates connection, the most basic need of us humans and one of life's most fulfilling activities. The ability to move people with verbal exchange is my greatest pleasure and passion.”

your personal host Karola

Cultivate Meaningful Online Meetings

Hire a meaningful conversation host to cultivate an impactful meeting culture. Preparation with the knowledge of meaningful gatherings creates impact and saves valuable time. Personal host Karola will personalize and cultivate your meetings tailored to your teams preferences and work requirements.

Meaningful Conversations Online

Inspire yourself and your board or team with a personalized conversation experience. Just relax and easily engage while Host Karola and her team prepare, host, deliver tasting experiences and take care of everything you need to excel.

Meaningful Conversations in person

Host Karola and her team do cater in-person events, too. Meaningful conversations suit best for small to medium-scale events. Specializing in high-quality facilitating services in your preferred language and style.

Activating the Taste Buds

One of th emost successful activation interventions are real life tastings. Each participant has the same product at home, delivered by our partner nice shops, prior to the event. A sommelièr will conduct the focus shift to culinary delights.

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