Karola Sakotnik started out as an interpretor before she went to study in various countries. Being a manager later with a global business field like cruise ships made her hone these lanuage skills, understanding to use a proper accent as well as the culture and the way of thinking that lies within a language



With the charming Austrian sounding


Studies in Chicago and New York City still make her sound somehow across the pond, now being with an English man formed that international appealing sound


Studies in Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland made her sound northern Italian


The most neutral accent, still astonishing for French people coming out of a Germann speakign backgroud person

Events hosted

The outstanding combination of an experienced leadership coach, business consultant with a stage background makes her unique. Quite early in her career she started hosting events, along with her acting career.

International Live Events

About 700

Team retreats

About 100

Transform-ational Kick Off Events

A new format called Curious Leaders Jam Sessions is just out on the market. Actual performaces 2, within 2023 other 10

Conflict resolution talks

About 20 since she finished her formation in resonance hosting and peace facilitation

Board Get-Togethers Online

About five, until the COVID pademic hit, now the new online format is about to premiere in May 2023

Background and Expertise

Karola Sakotnik is more than a host. She is an expert in Leadership, Culture and Creaetivity hwo enjoys to make her clients look authentic. She works in business, education and culture, being also a very impressive singer.

Business people say she owns the art of inspiring like no one else. Educators say that she makes them feel again why they went nto education. Artists say she works beyond art.

Her multiple awarded work called Future Skills Farming creates culture, at the intersection of art, business and society. Actually the focus is on New Leadership and its impact on, or artistic expression in art, or innovation in business, always including the societal aspect of sustainable implementation.

New Leadership

The humble and human way off leading people brings quite some business success and open a filed for innovation

Creativity and Curiosity

Creativity is one of the most forgotten basic human future skills – we all own it, not so many know how to acivate it. Curiosity is oe of the most powerful activators.


Culture is those principles we follow in a community and usually cannot name. making htis visible and subsequently guide you on a positive evolvement of what you want to be there is my passion


My background and my experience are based on the art of humour – applying it respectfully and funny in dire situations like hospitals or refugee camps was an eye opener of the power of humour to me – let me inspire you with it


Do you remember the moment you discovered one of your greatest passions? For me it was when I was four and my seven year old neighbour allowed me to touch the piano on their living room. Music is not somethign you listen to but you ca create it yourself. That is what I offer, too.

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