Your multilingual Hosts´ Services

Award-winning multilingual host Karola Sakotnik provides exceptional facilitation services for a lot of occasions. Whether you’re planning a small group discussion, an innovation retreat or a ore showy kind of live event with 2000 people, she is experienced in running your event. She does the kind of moderation people usually call hosting, she has something to say and people listen, creaeting an experience you and your guests will never forget. She is Austrian with original language German, her further languages are  English, Italian and French.

“I never understood why even her accents are so good”, Ulrike Rotter

Big events

Coming from big stages work anyways this is a "yes of course" thing for her.

She fits best, if you are up to the following: a lady who speaks out of experience, who is keen to making your brand look authentic and who is up to some humour, too.

Innovation Retreats

Retreats are special occasions for groups and teams. Thinking together means generating together. Cocreation at its best

When creativity meets business then Karola Sakotnik is your host of choice. Facilitating by opening field sof trust and creativity is her specialty, along with knowing how to keep people activated and engaged.

Transformational Kick Off Events

Speaking up and underlining it with music - when the experienced leadership coach meets the stage person within - that is what Karola Sakotnik offers with these formats.

Virus of the Positive is the musical experience and it partners up wth the knwoledge of how to activate people in a come together setting to still want to share meaningful content. In a light and great atmosphere for your audience.

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